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Ciaron Roseberg-Fisher from Lismore wrote on 2017-07-20:
I am completely appalled that it is illegal to sell nicotine e-juice in Australia. That's like advocating for smoking. 🙁
Matt from Melbourne wrote on 2017-07-19:
Hi im 45 been on the stinky butts since thirteen flat out, my new boss was caping at work, he offered me a puff and now six months later I am so healthy spiritually mentally and physically, and on top it is my sole hobby, I love vaping so much I now know what people meant when they said to me, those things will kill you, reffering to smokes, vaping has released many purposes goals in myself now im not dieing or stinking thanks
Margaret Brown from Melbourne wrote on 2017-07-19:
I quit smoking by vaping
Broony from Brisbane wrote on 2017-06-30:
1 July
Knowing how much the increase in the price of tobacco is going to effect the whole family of parent smokers who have tried to stop, is causing frustration at politicians that have fallen for the lies perpetrated by those selfish enough to know the truth that vaping is, safe enough to cause them less harm than the office they sit in, the home they live in the car, bus or train, they ride in. Those who are supposed to be helping smokers find a way to stop. I am just glad there is organization like NNA_AU trying their best to bring some honesty to this ridiculous situation caused by those misrepresenting the ethos of Tobacco Control. Harm Reduction IS the basis of vaping, it should be celebrated, it should be embraced, not demonized.
Shay from Melbourne wrote on 2017-06-26:
I started vaping in February of this year, touched my last cigarette around the beginning of March after my partner asked me to try a drag of some cheap, crappy brand that he got and it tasted as though I'd licked out an ashtray! Before that I had been smoking for close to 4 years. A friend of mine had introduced me to vaping beforehand while I was still smoking and it didn't really catch on for me until it became a more financially viable option for myself. Now I can't let my vape go!
Ryan from Brisbane wrote on 2017-06-24:
Vaping is the best way to quit smoking.
Nigel from Gold Coast wrote on 2017-06-22:
I have been smoking for ten years and have tried a range of quitting methods including expensive nicotine supplements like sprays and lozenges.
I recently purchased a vaping device but am reluctant to use it due to the incredibly harsh penalty enforced by the Australian Govt.
I view vaping as a potential quit method and urge the government to reconsider its stance and look to how other countries have benefitted from incorporating it legally.
Andy from Perth wrote on 2017-06-21:
34 years old, started smoking at age 16 and became a pack a day smoker from the age of 18.

I started casual vaping back in 2010, but stopped due to the complexities and time involved in getting my hands on both equipment (vaping devices) and e-liquid from outside of Australia.

My wife and I recently had two beautiful kids, and this was the point I wanted to really leave cigarettes behind. I made a plan about purchasing my nicotine e-liquid from overseas, and thankfully New Zealand recently passed law allowing retailers to sell both e-liquid and devices meaning wait time on ordering and shipping was cut down significantly.

Have now been vaping full time for 3 months and can already feel the increased health and the increase in available cash in my pocket. I have slowly been reducing the nicotine content of the e-juice I use and am down to 3mg with a plan to get to 0mg.

I think the Australian Government needs to reconsider its stance on vaping. We are supposed to be a country at the forefront of the world however it is the close-minded opinions of individuals in power that only hold us back.

It doesn't take a genius to see the benefits of vaping for traditional smokers. I and others strongly disagree with the TGA regarding vaping being a gateway to cigarettes for kids and teenagers. With the correct controls in place kids/teens should never get their hands on this stuff until of legal age, and part of that control is responsible parenting.

C'mon Australian Government, pull your heads out of the sand!
Jake from Toowoomba wrote on 2017-06-16:
I'm just so glad people are fighting for this it does nothing but help and when it goes down to it for me it's a hobby and it has been for 4 years At this point and it's terrible that the thing that stopped me smoking and has very well make my life better is slowly being taken away from me. Please help make a change I'm happy to donate for this
Nate Ryan from Sydney wrote on 2017-06-09:
I'm 35 and have been using snus as a complete replacement to cigarettes and occasional cigar since I was 24 thanks to a Swedish friend who introduced me to it. I feel alot healthier on snus than I ever did smoking. I hate thinking about the stuff around I have to go to just to get a safer product to use when it could be easily sold here and help others too.