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Ben from perth wrote on 2017-05-31:
I am 36 years old and have smoked for more than half my life. After equipping myself with the necessary equipment to vape have given up smoking and have been smoke free for two weeks with no negative side affects.

Australia and especially W.A. need to review the backward thinking laws and remember that vaping is a legitimate method to quit smoking, and need to make allowances for the use of other options to help people quit.

It's quite obvious that increasing taxes on cigarettes does not make a difference to the number of smokers quitting, it only makes a difference to the pockets of those who collect the taxes.
Jade from Perth wrote on 2017-05-26:
I started vaping a few months ago and havn't smoked one cigarette since i started to vape. I have already felt the great health improvements in myself and i will continue to vape as it is a much healthier alternative to cigarettes.
Thibault from Brisbane wrote on 2017-05-19:
Hi my name is Thibault and i have been smoking for 15 years. I was not a very heavy smoker but about 5 cigarettes a day and much more if going out. I tried to quite a few times but without success.
I started vaping 6 month ago and haven't touch a cigarette since. The most obvious benefit for me is during my work out where I am not running out of breath so easily.
Thanks for your efforts to save the industry.
Brett from Killarney Vale wrote on 2017-05-17:
A smoker for 38 years and have been vaping on and off since 2014.
2 months ago at 11am on the 11th of March, I decided I'd had my last cigarette. I'd had enough and was ready to quit and vape full time. 6 hours later I was in the hospital after a massive heart attack. I had complete blockage of my left anterial artery and a stent had to be inserted. If that isn't a reason to never want another smoke, I don't know what is! I'm so glad I made it through that and although it may not be the only reason for my heart attack, I haven't had a cigarette since that day. If it wasn't for vaping, I don't think I could have gone this long without a cigarette. I've tried all the alternatives over the years and nothing has worked for me. Not until now! I'll never put another 'stinky' in my mouth again.
Since my heart attack, my 27 year old son has now started vaping and we're doing this together. I'm helping him find his way in the vaping world but like me, he wants to be around for his kids too.
The TDA has to see that vaping has its place here in Australia and we should be able to legally buy nicotine for the purposes of vaping here instead of having to make our purchases outside of this country. It's crazy that for such a progressive country, we're so backwards in relation to this.
Nathan Holt from Salisbury Downs wrote on 2017-05-15:
I was a longtime smoker tried all measures to quit but they all failed to help me kick the habit, Then i stumbled onto vaping and thought id see if would help me kick the habit brought my first Vape at the end of 2016 and have not looked back since. Vaping has been the only way that i have found to be able to quit smoking easily and on the first time. Since I started Vaping I have spoken with & to people and also heard so many stories about Vaping doing the same for them or people they know
William from Melbourne wrote on 2017-05-10:
40 years old and a pack a day smoker, I honestly thought i'd never quit smoking. Tried patches, inhalers, gum, lozenges, hated everything.

I'm a smoker, simple as that. Had my first cigarette at 11yo, and it's just who I am.

Surprisingly for me was how easy it was to switch to vaping. I bought a fresh pouch of tobacco 5 days ago and I haven't smoked any part of it and doubt I ever will. It's also the same day my 18mg nicotine juice arrived in the mail and I started vaping.

I had no intentions of quitting cigarettes, but I did.

Vaping is simply better in every way. Tastier, healthier, cheaper, I can adjust my own nicotine levels and taper off if I choose. My breathing has already greatly improved, no more coughing all day. My taste and smell is back. I feel great.

If the government and health organizations are serious about getting people off tobacco then WHY THE F@#% do I need to write on this blog to tell you how effective vaping is and ask the question why you aren't pushing and promoting this as an alternative??????

Maybe you all need to abstain from tobacco taxes for a little while. Do they make a quit product for greed????
Alan from Newcastle wrote on 2017-05-07:
Was a smoker for 8 years + until my grandad died of cancer from smoking it was a big wake up call for me I tried patches, inhalers , lozenges and a tablet called champix nothing worked I either had an allergic reaction to one or had bad side affects from another then I came across vaping it was new to where I live but I gave it ago and low and behold I've not had a cigarette for 5 years now and my juice is either 1 or 3mg and no side affects so pleased I found vaping
Matt from Melbourne wrote on 2017-05-06:
Government needs to get with the times if they are so concerned about our kids they would ban the alcahol consumption and advertising which is australias whole culture as alcahol is a drug and nicotine is a natural substance
John wrote on 2017-05-05:
Just had an email from NZ saying my order was destroyed by Boarder force security - I am sick to death of the Qld and Australian government -might just go to the servo and buy a pack of legal cigarettes so that they can get the tax they crave so much.
Tynan from Brisbane wrote on 2017-05-03:
Tried all the usual methods of quitting, Champix was successful until you say "bugger it" and decide to have two or three cigarettes in close succession. When you enjoy smoking, but know you should quit, vaping is currently the only choice that provides the best of both worlds. The main reason I stumbled across this group is due to wanting to start up my own online business; but it appears we're not even allowed to export nicotine products. I could have understood the slightly backwards legislation that would still allow me to blend and sell to NZ for example, but looking into the legislation for all states... It's rather incoherent and indicates a lack of knowledge and interest in pursuing the knowledge surrounding Vapes and Nicotine when not delivered via combustion.

Used to smoke the old duzzas from the age of 14, through to 26; have been vaping for four months now. No more stains on my teeth or fingers, no discomfort for others whilst I'm 'smoking' saving a considerable amount of money and my lungs are thanking me for it already. I wish you all the best in your endeavours, hopefully you'll have someone in parliament wake up and come to their senses regarding these matters.

Lot's of love,

Tynan higgins